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Express Service (Add only $10 and Get your assignment in 4 business days instead of 5 business days)


Add this express add-on to basket if you need your assignment earlier than 5 business days.

To make it clear:

One business day is defined according to NSW calendar and public holidays, Mondays to Fridays excluding weekend and public holidays. For example, if you send your assignment to me on a Friday before 11:59pm, you will get your assignment (if there are no public holidays) by the following Friday before 11:59pm. One day is measured from 00:00hrs for start of day, and 23:59hrs for end of day. 5 Business days only starts from the day you make payment, and when you have sent your assignment to us. A full refund policy applies if we are unable to rush your assignment via express. Express add on only applies for one assignment only. If you are submitting 2 or 3 assignments, and would like all assignments to be on express, you would have to change the quantity to 2 or 3 in the shopping basket. Shoppers who select one term of assignments package only gets their assignment within 5 working days of us receiving the assignment. Express service applies if any assignments were to be rushed.

Please specify which assignment you would like for this express service. Please state your assignment details (eg. course code, Education institution, Assignment number, etc)

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