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FAQ Cheap Assignments Online Australia

Q: How do you charge?
A: We charge per assignment, depending on the number of pages required of the assignment.

Q: How do you count as one assignment?
A: Generally, one assignment is counted as an assignment based on the college itself. If college specifies as assignment 1 and 2, it is counted as 2 assignments. However, some colleges have only one assignment for one subject, but based on the length of the assignment, we may consider the assignment as 2 or even 3 assignments.

Q: How do I get my assignment?
A:  Your assignment will be emailed to you, in your nominated email address, 5 business days after you have made payment.

Q: What if my assignment you do fail?
A: We provide a 3 business days correction policy for all our assignments, which means that if you are unhappy with our writings, we will change it for you for free within 3 business days.

Q: How do I know how much my assignment cost?
A: Send us your assignment / assignments and we will give you a quotation.

Q: How do I send you my assignment?
A: You can send us your assignment via email at [email protected] or through any of our social media platforms. Photos are accepted as well.

Q: What is your term promo?
A: Our term promo lets students save big on their assignments, means you only pay $25 per assignment, regardless of the length of your assignment.

Q: How much can I save with the term promo?
A: You can save up to $700 with the term promo.

Q: Why do you set a limit to the term promo?
A: Yes, we do have a limit of 50 spots per term, as we do not earn from the sales of our term promo. However, it is used to cover our writer costs and running cost for our business.

Q: When can I buy the term promo?
A: You can buy the term promo anytime. In fact, we have customers who even pre-purchase our term promotions one year / two years in advance depending on their length of study, as they want to secure their spots before it runs out. But generally, we officially sell it one month before each term. And currently, we also have link-ups with overseas student agents where their students can pre-purchase our term promotions before they even arrive to Australia. So, spots will definitely sell out quickly.

Q: I have purchased the term promo. How do I use it?
A: Simple. Once you make your purchase for our term promo, we will send you a voucher for your term promo. On the voucher, we will provide instructions on how to use our term promo.

Q: Is this a pay first service or do I pay after?
A: This is a pay fist service.

Q: How do I know that you guys are reliable?
A: We are operating as a legal business in Australia, and we are definitely reliable. We also have link-ups with student agents in Australia, and overseas student agents.

Q: Why should I choose your service?
A: We are the cheapest in the market offering cheapest rates for college assignments. Find any Australian company that offers a cheaper rate than us and we will beat their quote. Besides, we have a $500 Monthly cash lucky draw giveaway, as we believe we want to give back to our customers who use our services. So if you are the lucky customer to win the $500, you practically pay nothing and even earn from our service.